• Snap-In Envelopes - Healthy Hero

  • Snap-in envelopes are the perfect place to keep receipts, money, or any other small items… on the go. Just fill them up and snap them in to your Happy Planner®!

    Who is Healthy Hero? She’s the health nut, the girl who loves her body and loves taking care of it. Her favorite accessory is her hair tie and considers a gym bag her purse. Loves starting the day with avocado toast and a yoga session.

    • 3 Envelopes included
    • This product coordinates with the Healthy Hero collection in The Happy Planner Girl® product line.
    Item #: PE-08
  • $7.99

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  • Snap-In Envelopes - Healthy Hero
  • Snap-In Envelopes - Healthy Hero

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